Abstract: The based Smart and many functions Energy Meter for Automatic Meter Reading   using ATmegha kit. It has provision of connecting with Central database maintained by energy provider using computing as well as Tampering detection of energy meters. which can prevent theft detection from unregistered users saving losses due to it. Remarkable feature of this meter is Internet of Things based implementation According to the market requirements of ATmegha Meter there is use for smart. ATmegha Meter. Nowadays the system will use Wireless system for communication protocol. The Wireless is used since the application need high speed data rate, need to be less powered with low cost. In this paper presenting the remote wireless ATmegha Meter Reading System. This is to resolving the shortcomings of the technology of the traditional ATmegha Meter Reading, by combining the characteristics of the Wireless technology and with Microcontroller ATMega16. The hardware implementation was designed, and then analyzed the use cases for ATmegha Meter. There are more chances of manual error, delay in processing, tampering of the meter and mis usage of the Electricity by other sources. It requires so many workers, one set of workers to note down the reading and other set to cut the power if the payment is not paid at the right time.

Keywords: AT-Megha, Microcontroller, Energy Meters. Internet of things, wireless.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.9526

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