Abstract: Pipelines are very significant tool as they are used in many different industries for various applications such as transportation of gas, water, fuel, oils, etc. Over time, they are prone to aging, corrosion, cracks, mechanical damage etc., and ignorance of these problems leads to accidents which incurs huge losses in terms of both economy and lives.

This highlights the inevitable need to inspect pipes at a regular interval for the purpose of security and improved efficiency in industrial plants. Now there is many ways of inspecting pipes such as X-rays, magnetic particle inspection method etc., but these methods do not give a full proper internal inspection of pipes. This pipe inspection robot aims at detecting the exact location of leakage and clearing the blockages and thus removing human factor from labour intensive and dangerous work, thereby reducing the number of accidents that happen due to the lack of regular inspection.

Keywords: Pipeline inspection, Crack detection and Blockage clearance.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12691

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