Abstract: A reliable health monitoring system essentially requires real time and continuous monitoring of critical health parameters of the patient and a prognostic approach to generate and send an alert during medical emergency. Day by Day, the change in lifestyle increases, changes in environment which causes arising in the health problem, and require a daily or time to time check up to ensure about the health. As our senior citizen don’t able to go hospital regularly for their regular check up. So our main to design such a module which is useful for them and overcome this issue plus making patient’s data secure so that no one can steal crucial or sensitive data of patient’s health. Here we have designed a prototype of a multi sensor IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) based secured Health Monitoring System in which we worked on two algorithm (compression and encryption (cryptography) technique) and four alert categories (SMS, Voice Call, VoIP and Email) based on biomedical embedded system and Internet of Things. Cloud computing is used for to store data so that any time doctor can reach to report of a patient. This system is an improved version of existing systems and can be useful for patients on move or in intensive care unit.

Keywords: Alert system, Biomedical embedded system, Compression, Cloud computing, Data protection, Encryption, Health Monitoring System,  IoMT, SMS.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8920

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