Abstract: The evaluation of scripts is a crucial part of the education system that requires precision and efficiency. However, the traditional evaluation process often involves manual labour and is prone to errors, leading to delayed results and inconsistencies. This paper presents the development of a Digital Evaluation system using the Django Framework, which offers a modern and efficient solution to the evaluation process. The system allows staff to scan and upload scripts, which are then distributed to evaluators according to the subject code. Evaluators can then evaluate the scripts and upload the marks to the database. The system enables the department to view student results, including high and low scorers, and identify areas of improvement. The implementation of the Digital Evaluation system using Django Framework provides a customizable and scalable solution to simplify and enhance the evaluation process. The paper discusses the system architecture, implementation process, features, and benefits of the Digital Evaluation system. Overall, the Digital Evaluation system offers a more accurate, efficient, and customizable solution to the evaluation process, paving the way for modernizing the education system.

Keywords: Digital Evaluation, Staff, Evaluator, Exam Controller.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124179

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