Abstract: The E-health model system allows people store large amount of information in different place. In many of the developed countries, healthcare has evolved to a point where patients can have many different providers– including primary care physicians, specialists, therapists, and even alternative medicine practitioners – to service their diverse medical needs. Telemedicine system is receiving great importance due to current changes in healthcare sectors all over the globe. The need for medical sectors to provide appropriate and precise remedy for various diseases is essentially increasing as they are facing new challenges every day. There comes a big problem that the information sharing increased the risk of medical misuse and data theft. The E-health record may include the patient personal information, like telephone number, age and so on, even more, the diabetes patients’ glucose, exercise information which are private, sometimes, the patients just want to share their relative information to their physician. Data theft can invade to patients’ medical records and stole patients records to do financial fraud. In order to forbidden this crime, how to keep the privacy and security becomes the key point in our work.

Keywords: Telemedicine, Data-Mining, Tools, Techniques, Medical-Data.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11521

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