Abstract: Evolution of technology has always been endeavored with making daily life simple. One of them is the visually impaired who have to rely on others for travelling and other activities. This paper aims at providing one such theoretical model which incorporates the latest technologies to provide efficient and smart electronic aid in the jacket and stick to the blind. We have used ultrasonic range finder circuit for detection. Panic situations will be sent as an SMS alert to registered mobile numbers. The basic objective of the system is to provide a convenient and easy navigation aid for unsighted which helps in artificial vision by providing information about the environmental scenario of static and dynamic objects around them. According to World Health Organization (WHO) study, 90% of the info to the human brain is sent through eyes alone. In this paper, we proposed an efficient, reliable and low-cost wearable jacket for the people suffering from visual impaired. A smart jacket is designed by embedding the sensor on the jacket that enables the user to detect an obstacle and safely navigate. The smart jacket requires low power hence can be used for real time navigation for visually impaired people.

Keywords: Smart jacket, SMS, Navigate, Obstacle, Sensor

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11666

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