Abstract: In this universe of developing advancements everybody is utilizing Android. With huge number of work opening the human labor force has increased. Thus there is a need of a framework which can deal with the information of such countless Employees in an association. This undertaking disentangles the assignment of keep up record in view of its easy to use nature. The Aim of "Employee Task Management System" is planning a booking framework for a work community. Workers are the foundation of any organization. The executives of worker execution assume’s a significant part in choosing the accomplishment of the association. Worker the board application is an incredible asset to calm the client from the convoluted errand of dealing with representative planning physically. Representative administration application utilizing android PDA's is attempting to fabricate an android application for log the information on the worker naturally. The application is really a set-up of uses created utilizing Android and PHP. It is easy to comprehend and can be utilized by any individual who isn't even acquainted with straightforward representative's framework. It is quick and can perform numerous activities of an organization or association. The product is very easy to understand. The task contains modules like Employee and Admin. This form of the product has multi-client approach. For additional upgrade or advancement of the bundle, client's.

Keywords: employee management system, employees, human resources, leave management, task management, Android, PHP.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10109

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