Abstract: Retrieving information is an active research area over the years. The main focus is to improve the accuracy of the retrieval systems, and it is seen as one time execution process. It is inadequate for real-world applications when this is seen as long running processes. One of the drawbacks of retrieval is that it needs to be started from the scratch to entire warehouse when there is an interruption. To overcome this Parse Tree Query Language is high level extraction query language is used that enables information retrieval over parse trees. Parse Tree Query Language is an extension of the linguistic query language and intermediate output of each text processing component is stored so that only the improved component has to be deployed to the entire warehouse. Retrieval is performed on both the previously processed data from the unchanged components as well as the updated data generated by the improved component. Performing such kind of enhanced retrieval can result in a huge reduction of processing time and   provides quality to the retrieval.

Keywords: Text mining, query languages, Information Retrieval

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.71140

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