Abstract: From past couple of years, Counterfeit products are having a massive impact in manufacturing industries. This is affecting companies name, sales, and profit. Innovation in blockchain have acquired interest in the course recently. The most important issue about this is currency exchange, but its application is not restricted to only Digital currency. This technology has the potential to influence different business sectors. Blockchain has brought high transparency and ease in the way transaction are dealt. Blockchain technology identifies real product from fake ones. Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, and digital ledger that stores transaction related information in the form of blocks in the databases which is connected in chains. Blockchain technology is secure and the blocks cannot be changed or easily hacked. By using this technology, customers or users need not rely on third party services for the safety of the product.
In proposed system, we will be using Quick Response (QR) code to provide robust technique to try and stop the practice of counterfeiting the products. Fake products can be detected using a Quick Response scanner, where a QR code attached to the product is linked to the Blockchain network. Now, this concept might be used to store the data like product details and generated unique code for that product as blocks to the database of Blockchain. When the user uploads the unique code and the code is compared to the Blockchain database. If the code matches the code that was generated during the manufacturer, it will notify the customer saying the QR code is matched otherwise it will notify the customer that QR code is not matched and the product is fake.

Keywords: — Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Quick Response Code, SHA 256 algorithm.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11578

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