Abstract: Home Security is most important in today’s world, Peoples are making their home secure by using security CCTV cameras. But there comes one downside along with CCTV Camera i.e. CCTV cameras have cost attached to it. Security Cameras are though effective we need more cost-effective System. This project aims to replace the security cameras from our Home security space and replace it with system that uses Raspberry pi. This project is designed for low to medium income segment of our society which usually lives in buildings. This system uses a combination of sensors that detects motion, Faces and heat that could be accidental fire etc. Existing Security Cameras stores the data on cloud that could be a breach to our privacy. Our System uses a Small debit card sized chip along with a PI Camera. Images are captured using camera and each frame is processed using Raspberry pi. The databases of all known humans are stored in OpenCV. When image is captured using PI Camera it is compared to the database stored, if the visitor human is known or unknown(stranger) an audio output is generated and user is notified on Email. By the use of this security surveillance we can keep track on our houses from anywhere in the world by using our mobile devices.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, Pi Camera; OpenCV, PIR sensors,etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10315

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