Abstract: Here our research work is on scheming and conception of Hospital Management System (HMS). A medical institution requires excellent data and information administration to operate excellently and efficiently. It's an irony to mention that a lot of establishments, institutions, government associations have become significantly curved into the consumption of database systems for their accomplishments in the hospital especially. This work objective at rising an upgraded hospital information management system via a functional approach. A well-organized HMS will be liable to maintain patient data and its management is accessible in the work. The system uses JAVA as interface software, an object-oriented programming language that is linked to the management software. The HMS can be entered with a username and password. It is accessible to both an administrator and a receptionist. Only they can add data to the database. The data can be easily restored. The information is properly protected for private use and makes statistics processing very fast.

Keywords: HMS-Hospital Management System, Administrator, Medical Institution, Object-oriented programming

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10431

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