Abstract: This learning observes the present state of artificial intelligence (AI)-based technology applications and their effect on the healthcare industry. In adding to a detailed review of the literature, this education analyzed that many real world examples of AI applications in healthcare industry. In adding, AI systems are generating an effect on improving the efficiency of nursing and managerial actions of hospitals. While AI is being embraced certainly by healthcare workers, its applications provide both the utopian perspective (new opportunities) and the dystopian view (challenges to overcome). We debate the details of persons chances and challenges to provide a balanced view of the value of AI applications in healthcare. It is clear that fast developments of AI and related technologies will help care workers generate new value for their patients and recover the effectiveness of their operational processes. Nevertheless, effective applications of AI will require effective preparation and plans to transform the entire care service and operations to gain the benefits of what technologies offer.

Keywords: AI Based technology ; real-world cases ; policy and management support; healthcare industry.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125273

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