ABSTRACT: The world is aware of the current scenario, the population is increasing day by day hence number of vehicles are also increasing. Thus, everyone is facing the problem of parking, as there are less options available for legitimate parking. This problem leads to congestion, accidents, lack of space availability etc. Annual survey which is carried out has figured out that there is consistent growth in the ratio of traffic jam and accidents. Illegal parking plays a vital role in increasing the chances of traffic jams for hours. Due to increase in the number of vehicles. Moreover, it is much more time consuming as well. In this world of fast growing technologies, we should be able to save our time for the thing which is essential rather than searching space to park our vehicle. A car user must be able to book car before starting the journey and heading to the destination. The main objective behind developing such applications is to overcome such problems. An application will be developed according to the user point of view, which will be user friendly, so that a user can easily make use of it and could be able to book their parking space. The user will beable to book parking space in advance.

Keyword: - Android Application, Smart Parking, Reservation of Parking, and Parking Guidance.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.115177

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