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Abstract: In today's industrious world, the use of ATMs has become common. Visually challenged find it difficult to access ATM using magnetic cards and touch screen displays. The setup in existence uses an Ear phone facility to start transaction by inserting in the jack and plug out to stop the transaction. It is very difficult for them to identify and insert the earphone into the jack and also to locate the machine. To overcome these shortcomings, the ATM is provided with speaker guidance system to reach the ATM and with a handset arrangement for interaction. The initial level of security is the handprint biometric through which the person can access the door. The next level of security involves the voice code detection which verifies the person's voice password with that of pre-recorded code. If the authentication process succeeds, the person is accepted as a valid user. Through pre-recorded instructions received via handset, the visually challenged is able to withdraw or deposit money.

Keywords: Handset, Hand print biometric, Voice code detection, Voice biometric, Authentication

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2018.7819

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