Abstract: The proposed point Keylogger which is likewise called as keystroke logger is a product that tracks or logs the key struck on your console, regularly in a mystery way that you have no clue about that your activities are being observed. Most of the people tend to see only bad side of this particular software but it also has legitimate use. Aside from being utilized for vindictive purpose like gathering account data, Visa numbers, client names, passwords, and other private information, it can be used in office to check on your employees, at home to monitor your children’s activities and by law enforcement to examine and follow occurrences connected to the utilization of PCs. The project will be completely based on Python where I will make use of pynput module which is not a standard python module and needs to be installed. The software that I am going to build should monitor the keyboard movement and stores the output in a file. To elevate the project I will also add a feature where the logs will be directly sent to the e-mail.

Keywords: Security Analysis, Research.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124153

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