Abstract: The monitoring of sleep quality and the transmission of alarm signals in accordance with the condition and the acute disease fall under the purview of fundamental sleep research and disease outbreak forecasting. The system has monitoring and analysis features.the physiological features of the sleeper pulse, the embedded A computer can determine whether a sleeper has an acute illness (such as heart disease, cerebral haemorrhage, etc.). If so, the wireless warning signal is sent by the wrist pulse monitoring gadget. When the alarm is received by the bedside wireless receiver, it can send an alert sound or call. The warning sound can specifically alert local musicians to the sound of the phone alarm can notify the appropriate personnel and issue an alert using the predetermined phone number.let the 120 emergency centre know.At the same time, the bedside wireless remote devices open the door to wait for the arrival of emergency personnel.The system can respond when sudden acute illnesses strike at night.efficiently address the patient's urgent medical needs and establish the prerequisites for the patient's quick treatment.

Keywords: Remote alarm; wristband;sleep monitoring ;Emergency; embedded system; pulse  monitoring Treatment.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124212

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