Abstract: The majority of people today depend heavily on their mobile devices. The smartphone is a flexible platform that can appeal to a variety of our needs, from making phone calls to keeping track of our fitness. Despite the growing popularity of flexible manufacturing, due to issues such as asset scarcity, frequent separations, and versatility, maximising its potential is difficult. Cloud registering has consequently empowered dispersed organizations that help in figuring assets in an online way. This has additionally formed into ideas, for example, mobile distributed computing frameworks which give cell phones resources to help limit registration constraints. Mobile devices, too, have certain flaws. The amount of memory available, computing speed, and battery life have always been the main drawbacks of mobile devices. Mobile cloud computing can overcome these issues by performing versatile applications on asset suppliers outside the cell phone. The basic architecture and details of its methodologies are discussed in this paper. The report will close with the needs of mobile cloud computing, and feature headings for future work.

Keywords: Mobile computing, Cloud computing, Mobile Cloud Computing(MCC),Application programming interface, Distributed computing, Offloading

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105154

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