Abstract: Agriculture is one of the life factors for Indian farmers. In accordance with the climate and other resources accessible to them, farmers grow multiple crops in their field. The monitoring of plant detection is required now way days because of increase in plant disease in field crops. Farmers find difficulty in identification of plant disease naked eye observation is one of the oldest method to identify which may fail in proper identification of field crop diseases plant disease in plant effect the economic as well as production losses both in quantity and quality, so to achieve high quality and excellent quantity some technical as well as technological assistance is required. To maintain the food crop without plant diseases the crop surveillance is needed. The proposed system is built around Arduino Uno Microcontroller board. The robot is interfaced with ESP32 Camera which captures the image of leaf and sends to the user. Detection of leaf status is carried out through Convolution Neural network(CNN) of image processing techniques. The user will be drawn to e-commerce website which provides possible solution to the detected disease. The rover is also equipped with inbuilt fertilizer sprayer communicated through Bluetooth module. The commands are controlled by the user using Bluetooth Electronics Application. Soil moisture sensor is interfaced which notifies the moisture content of soil. Implementation of this method saves time, health and improves productivity.

Keywords: CNN, Arduino Uno, Robot, ESP32.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12740

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