Abstract: This research project focuses on developing a hostel finder system to address the time-consuming process of finding suitable accommodations for students. It is observed that both students and hostels face challenges in quickly connecting with each other. To overcome this difficulty, an online marketplace for hostels is proposed, aiming to improve the quality of the education system. The system allows students to search for hostels/PG accommodations based on their preferred location and area. Hostel owners can showcase their facilities, services, and available room types through the platform. Students can register on the portal and provide feedback to enhance the services provided. The key stakeholders in this project include students, working professionals, hostel/PG owners, and an admin overseeing the system's operations. Previous research has identified the critical nature of finding suitable hostels. The current study aims to address this challenge by introducing an online marketplace. Numerous analyses have been conducted on hostel searching and listing, indicating the impact of finding accommodations on the hostel industry. As a result, an architectural proposal for an authentic hostel marketplace has been developed, leveraging technologies such as geolocation, the Google Maps API, and artificial intelligence. The proposed system aims to target a large number of hostel searchers and improve the effectiveness of the Hosteller platform. Further updates and research will be necessary to identify additional factors that can strengthen the system's effectiveness.

Keywords: Hostel finder, Online marketplace, Geolocation, Artificial intelligence

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.125281

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