Abstract: Pest control in agriculture is the deterrence or extermination of species threatening agricultural productivity. Farms are often businesses and depend on output so that the workers can earn money and fund their lives. Therefore, any factors affecting produce must be acted on swiftly and in a cost effective & chemical freeway mainly in India. IoT in agriculture uses remote sensors, and computer imaging combined with continuously progressing machine learning and analytical tools for monitoring crops, surveying, and mapping the fields, and providing data to farmers for rational farm management plans to save both time and money.

Our technology, krshi suraksa, controls pests and keeps an eye on farms by monitoring soil & weather parameters and agricultural fields to ensure that farming is done safely and effectively, even over vast tracts of land with minimal expense.

This is a low-cost IOT-based pest management and agriculture tool that aids farmers in many ways, including safe & effective irrigation. The farmer may monitor his field from his home using a mobile device.

Keywords: IOT based control, Pest control, effective, low cost, chemical free, for large area.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12738

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