Abstract: High- Energy is the key input to drive the improve the life cycle. The consumption of the energy is directly proportional to the progress of the mankind with ever growing population, improvement in the living standard of the humanity, industrialization of the developing countries like India. The global demand for energy is increasing on alarming rate. The primary source of energy is fossil fuel (like coal, diesel), which are decreasing day by day due to move energy demand and there is global warming problem due to these sources. So, we need non-conventional energy sources to full fill the demand of energy .Recent improvements in the power conversion efficiencies of organic solar cells have broughrenewed attention to possibility of practical large-scale use of these devices. This paper deals with basic principal of operation of plastic solar cells and we demonstrate the implementation of the nanorod and screen printing technology in the fabrication of organic-based heterojunction solar cells.

Keywords: Polymer, Solar energy, Nanotechnology, Screen printing technology.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12492

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