Abstract The term Mechanism of Action (MoA) is a biochemical interaction by which the drug produces its effect on the cell. A drug's precise molecular targets, such an enzyme or receptor, to which it binds are often included in a mechanism of action. A live creature being exposed to a chemical results in functional or structural changes at the cellular level that are referred to as a mode of action (MoA). Mechanism of Action of a drug makes a drug more usable. If the MoA of a drug is known it can be used in various different situations and in proper dosage, the risk of allergies and problems in specific people also reduces. So, prediction of Mechanism of Action of a drug opens up new possibilities for the drug and makes it safer to use.Conducting the following study by performing traditional ANN approach we can conclude that Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) have the capability to predict the mechanism of action, and perform a multilabel classification for a multifeature drug profile, that includes cell viability and gene expression data. feature engineering and tuning the ANN model will yield better results.

Keywords: ANN,Mechanism of Action, gene expression, cell viability, drug

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.117113

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