Abstract: The idea that the design and implementation of a real-time ATM robbery project came from a standpoint of real-time ATM robberies. This project provides a warning at a time when the thief is about to break the ATM.so machine, overcoming obstacles in the existing systems in our society. Whenever a thief brings robbery tools to an ATM or when a thief tries to use a tool to break in, the CCTV camera at the ATM detects whether the person is coming with tools using in-depth learning and machine learning methods. Here OpenCV is used as a speaker and the python language is used for in-depth learning strategies with Haar Cascade, the Yolo V4 and for object detection. A warning message is also sent to the bank and an alarm is sounded to alert local authorities.

Keywords: ATM, Deep learning, Open CV, Haar Cascade, Python, Yolo V4, CCTV, Alert message

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10209

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