Abstract: The outbreak of COVID- 19 has created a social and psychological problem including mental health that has had a deep impact on students of Higher education. The all universities (993 universities In India ,and colleges ( 39931 Colleges) with other higher education Institutions decided to temporary suspended the classes , conferences, seminars. Examination and sports activities due to badly hit of COVID-19.The closure of university and colleges with institution of higher education may create the situation of frustration, stressors, worry and fear towards the students.The Covid-19 outbreak brought not only the risk of death from the viral infection but also unbearable psychological pressure to students in higher education. The entrance examination conducted by the regularity body universities , colleges and institute of Higher education suspended or postponed due to spreading of coronavirus -2019, this attributed to anxiety, fear and other psychological impact of the students.

Key words: Students, Higher education, Stress, Anxiety, Mental Health, Covid-19

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.105169

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