Abstract: Humans with body health problems seek medical treatment immediately but when they have mind-related problems they are reluctant to seek medical treatment because brain has no pain sensors. When Prefrontal Cortex (PFC) of a human is under stress and it is partially/fully shutdown, Amygdala dominates stopping humans from seeking medical care. Consequently, according to scientific mind model, a Complete Mind (CM) is not available. CM is an algorithm based on EEG data from neuron firing in Microbiome-Gut-Brain-Axis (MGBA). Surprisingly, lack of CM leads to psychological & neurological problems resulting in chronic inflammation that is a leading cause of cancer and heart disease. This paper demonstrates the use of a stress-controlled LEGO robot to detect psychological & neurological problems. The EEG sensors and control electronics present in a Fabric- and/or Tattoo-embedded (or skin-patch-embedded) Micro System (FTIMS) to control the LEGO robot by a mind state (stress, anxiety, empathy, etc.). Earlier demonstrated mind’s attention level control of the LEGO robot can be extended for empathy, anxiety, depression, etc., which needs EEG signals from brain parts responsible for these factors. This shows that emotional control of a robot is possible, and thereby open the door to exploring how people can indicate their need for mental health services by their ability or inability to mentally control a LEGO robot.

The research conducted in three phases, (a) multi-sensor EEG for approximate signals coming from different brain parts, (b) accurate identification of brain parts involved certain neurological phenomena using fMRI/EEG system, and (c) study role of EEG signals coming from MGBA identifying role of Microbiome communication with Amygdala, is unique in the world. Ketogenic diet and blackseed oil (Nigella Sativa) are emerging as an effective treatment for most cancers.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12426

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