Abstract: This paper presents a design and simulation study of high performance  low-pass filter based on Cascode OTA using 0.9 V. The cascode OTA is used as the active building block. It is a new class of Operational Amplifier (OP-AMP). It has flexibility and tunability unlike Op Amp. Further, CNT technology is used along with MOS technology  to  design and simulate proposed  structure at 45nm technology node. The proposed structure can be used. Figure 2 shows the schematic diagram of one of the important application of CNT, that is, Carbon Nanotube Field Effect Transistor (CNTFET). In a CNTFET, the channel is made up of parallel combination of SWCNTs. The source and drain regions are highly doped regions and the CNT channel is undoped. The important advantages of CNTFET include 1D ballistic transport of charge carriers, high mobility, large drive current and very low power consumption for low power applications. It is observed that the proposed LPF is also consuming low power of 28.43 µW.

Keywords: CMOS, CNTFET, DC Gain, Cascode -OTA, Power consumption, Filters, LPF

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2019.8810

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