Abstract: Agriculture is the backbone of countries like India. Water crisis also arises often depending on the season and the locality especially tropical states like TamilNadu. In order to use the resources wisely and also make the farmer use technology to make work simple the IoT concepts are implemented. Also some crops are not in need of lot of water but the water is sent through pathways throughout the field. This can be replaced by spraying technique by implementing IoT technology using a wireless network. A system is proposed which uses the water wisely and checks the temperature, humidity, capture using a camera and then data aggregation takes place and is sent to the peasant mobile as a SMS/MMS. The system can be implemented using a Arduino board. The data can be transferred using a wireless medium. The agriculturist may be made smart by learning and utilizing these modern concepts. The water usage can be reduced to a larger extent and the Mother Nature can be preserved from exploiting the natural resources.

Keywords: Agriculture, IoT, water, wireless networks, Arduino, water

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11151

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