Abstract: The objective of this paper is to introduce an environmental monitoring system that employs LoRa technology for wireless communication in IoT-based applications. The system is specifically designed to gather environmental data such as temperature and humidity from rural areas and transmit it to a central server for analysis and visualization. The system comprises three major components, namely, sensor nodes, a LoRa gateway, and a cloud-based server. Sensor nodes are installed at specific locations and equipped with sensors to collect environmental data. The data is transmitted wirelessly to the LoRa gateway through LoRa technology. Acting as an intermediary between the sensor nodes and the cloud-based server, the LoRa gateway receives and forwards the collected data to the server over the internet. Once the data reaches the cloud-based server, it is processed and analyzed. The proposed system offers several advantages, such as low power consumption, long-range wireless communication, and support for a large number of devices, and it can be used in various applications.

Keywords: Battery, TP4056, Solar Panel, ESP8266, DHT11, LoRa SX1278, OLED Display, IoT.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12478

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