Abstract: This kit will help the doctor and their staff to monitor their patient accurately and take decisions as fast as possible to help to improve their quality of service to patients.
This system introduces a smart patient health tracking technique that utilize Sensors to track health of patience and uses wireless internet to inform their loved ones in case of any emergency or issues. Our system uses temperature as well as heartbeat sensing for monitoring the patient health. The sensors are bridge to a microcontroller to monitor the report which is in turn interfaced to an LCD display as well as WIFI connection in order to transmit issues in the particular range. If system detects any sudden changes in patient heartbeat or any sudden changes in body temperature, the system automatically alerts the end user about the patients status over IOT and also shows piece of information of heartbeat and temperature of patient live on the internet. Thus IOT based smart patient health tracking smart kit effectively uses internet to monitor health of patience stats using android platform and ardino and save lives on time.

Keywords: Smart Health care kit, Arduino, Android platform, monitoring system

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.11320

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