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Abstract: The development of energy systems to the paradigm of the intelligent protection system strongly depends on the wireless response for the feedback system. To achieve this goal, new infrastructures, technologies, and applications need to bearer increasingly needed. This paper introduces an intelligent switching infrastructure that includes a large, range of possible services for the automation and management of distribution networks. The proposed architecture is based on a wireless monitoring and feedback control platform that enables communication with the intelligent platform. On the one hand, and provides the necessary interfaces for the services of the distribution network in the other. While a large number of applications can be created typical of intention, in this document the focus will be in real-time, the role will present the key function of the monitoring solution for scalability, interoperability, and flexibility, and to enable the integration of different services for the automation of the distribution system. Focus on how to design a smart protection layer based on a wireless system with a smart control platform an example of the coordinated operation of various services of the distribution network via the platform.

Keywords: Smart Protection, platform, Android, Mechanism switch

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.10702

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