Abstract: India is developing nation so government knows to increase economic growth they need to develop startup culture in country and they are taking actions regarding that. Indian government is serious in promoting entrepreneurship at the startup level and has taken a Number of initiatives to make sure appropriate support.

There is no any one online platform where we can found multiple startups at one place. Every startup has their own platform or some startup doesn’t have there any online platform. So it is online platform for those who want to start new business as well as for those who want to promote their startup online. It is platform where multiple businesses found at on place. Also using these platform new entrepreneurs can connect with each other. If any investor wants to invest in any startup then this platform will give recommendations about best investments. Any startup wants any professional support then platform will connect them with professionals which has good knowledge of market.

This platform will be beneficial for new entrepreneurs. Multiple entrepreneurs can connect with each other using this platform. This platform connect small retailer with wholesaler so it will beneficial for small retailers.so this platform will help any new entrepreneurs to start their business and further help will be provided at one place in platform.

Keywords: Startup culture, Economic growth, Entrepreneurship, Investments, Professionals.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.12226

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