Abstract: Rapid advancements in digital data collecting techniques have resulted in massive data volumes. Unstructured or semi-structured data makes up more than 80% of today's data. Finding acceptable patterns and trends to interpret text documents from huge amounts of data is a major challenge. The process of extracting interesting and nontrivial patterns from large amounts of text documents is known as text mining. There are a variety of strategies and tools for mining text for useful information for future prediction and decision-making. The suitable and appropriate text mining technique is used to increase the speed and reduce the time and effort necessary to retrieve relevant data. Text mining techniques and their applications in various spheres of life are briefly discussed and analysed in this work. Furthermore, text mining difficulties that affect the accuracy and relevancy of results are identified.

Keywords: Information Extraction; Patterns; Classification; Knowledge Discovery; Applications;

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2022.114199

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