Abstract:  In recent years, the field of bio-acoustics has witnessed a remarkable expansion as researchers explore the acoustic signals produced by various organisms. While most studies have focused on animal vocalizations, this research delves into an unexplored realm of plant-generated sounds. This study investigates the synthesis of bio-acoustics from plants, aiming to uncover the potential auditory emissions of flora and understand their underlying mechanisms. Furthermore, this study explores the factors influencing plant bio-acoustics, such as environmental conditions, plant development stages, and external stimuli. The results of this research hold implications for several domains, including plant physiology, ecology, and agriculture. Understanding the bio-acoustics of plants can shed light on their communication systems, potential defense mechanisms, and stress responses. With the help of ECG module, Arduino UNO, audio amplifier we can get the acoustics from the plants. This acoustics can be used for yogic meditation to calm people and pets on modification. The findings may contribute to the development of novel non-invasive techniques for monitoring plant health, optimizing crop yield, and enhancing ecosystem management. In conclusion, this study pioneers the exploration of bio-acoustics from plants, revealing the existence of distinct sonic emissions specific to different plant species. By unraveling the underlying mechanisms and influences on plant-generated sounds, this research opens new avenues for understanding the sonic world of flora and harnessing this knowledge for various practical applications.

Index Terms: Bio-acoustics, stimuli, communication, sonic emissions, Arduino UNO, Audio amplifier.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2023.124168

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