Abstract: The project is based on safety measures of vehicles. It is inspired by the daily observation during riding a bike. While slowing down bike, we have to touch one or both of our legs to ground to keep the bike standing. Moreover, if there is a slippery road, there are chances of bike getting slipped due to losing of balance. To avoid this, an extra balancing wheels will deploy so that in case if the bike is slipping, due to the balancing wheels, the bike will remain balanced and the rider and to just focus on the brakes and the direction to stop bike safely. When stopped on signal, the riders won’t need to balance the bike with legs, the balancing wheels will keep the bike standing and the rider can sit comfortably. Also, while parking, the rider doesn’t need to put the bike on stand. The rider can just put on the brake and handle lock. Riding in traffic won’t be terrifying for the riders to balance the bike, balancing wheels will help them balance. Due to these balancing wheels, the riders won’t need to touch his feet to the ground while riding at all.

Keywords: Microcontroller, Servo Motor (DC), Switch Button, Wheel, etc.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2020.91018

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