Abstract: Fitness is one of the most important part in every individual’s life. But in today’s pandemic situation, where everybody is at home and leaving house is quite risky. For this, there should be some exercise done to keep us fit & fine. Just by walking/running and burning calories is not enough. One should be considerate about various other aspects while exercising. Some basic exercises need to be practiced to keep us in-shape. Certain motion exercises such as Push-ups and Pull-ups need to be done properly or else it might lead to serious injuries. This isn’t achieved normally without any aid. For the same, this smart band will aid in overall exercise development. “BE FIT SMART BAND”. This is a new, innovative, accurate and user-friendly smart band which allows user to do his/her exercise properly and also to keep its track record daily. This band makes the user to do Push-up and Pull-up neatly and also measures his/her BPM (Pulse rate). The “BE FIT SMART BAND” maintains precision and quality output. This band is a perfect exercise partner for every individual. Basic innovation giving advanced fitness aid for future. Fitness trackers are the leading consumer products because most consumers use wearable devices to record their exercise and health statistics and progress.

Keywords: Fitness, innovate idea, Smart band, exercise, electronics, BPM.

PDF | DOI: 10.17148/IJARCCE.2021.101012

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